Spring Treasure: feature event

This season represents rejuvenation, a waking up of the senses and spirit. An end of hibernation and a beginning of life.

I have been inspired to make a regular post within my blog pages dedicated to and as a countdown to Spring.
I am usually late to plant in the fall, prepare my garden, and set dates for those first Spring events.
Starting each Fall season, I will post preparations and ideas counting down to Spring. These topics will range from the garden, activities, day trips, treasure hunts, DIY, projects, photo taking and simple moments in the rain.
I’m so excited for these posts most of all because I will be sharing the outdoors and new traditions with my daughter. On my daughters birthday, my spring baby, I think I just might take her to a really great nursery to pick a plant that she can plant in the garden. Maybe this could even be an opportunity to meet up with some friends.
~ Let’s do this!~

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1 thought on “Spring Treasure: feature event

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