Hi, I’m Dawn; a stay at home first time Mom, a wife and a jack of all trades, master of none.
As a Mom, sometimes I can’t help feeling that life is moving all around me while I interact and watch from inside of my bubble. My unpredictable, soft smelling, beautiful bubble. Other times I have bubbles all around me and am in a momentous state of bliss.
As a woman, I feel most like myself when I write. I am passionate about photography; capturing moments to have as a collection used to tell a story, a piece of art, a single memory point or a chapter of a family tree.
I am here to connect; share moments of creativity, tips, thoughts, activities, and all that I love and love not so much as a Mommy.
Welcome to my world as I let out my Mommy voice while my daughter does backup vocals.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Or Paternal, proud and in perfect prose. 😉 I love the image you created of your son in the memories you share. Thank you for sharing and for the compliment.

  2. It reminded me of my son, of when he was a brown-skinned little maniac with a tossle of blonde curls…a whirlwind of accidental miracles happening every minute, it seemed. Now, I think he is much older than me, in soul, at least. Thanks…words that bring out such memories are meaningful, no matter how casually written. Aaaagh…I’m sounding poetic, or pathetic.

  3. She is a character; and I am head over heels for her and the fun we have. Thank you for the kind comment. I am very glad to have ‘met’ you.

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