NaBloPoMo; ‘jobs of the week’

For the past few months I have been searching for a plan. A plan for the next phase of my life. The difficulty, and life long struggle, is that I look at too many options to whom I become overwhelmed with deciding.
From creating this blog to building an online photography business, architecture, design, mommy services and just getting back out into the workforce in general. So, tangled up in all of these cluttered notes of information..I have finally concretely decided to go back to school for interior design. A course that has many aspects of what I truly enjoy. These being drafting, art, history, photography, design, out-of-the-box thinking, working with people and the home.

Although I have made this enormous step, I have to sit idle with my excitement until September 2014 to start.

And in the meantime…
I take a big breathe and a sigh.

I feel lack-lustre; looking through the jobs of the week in disinterest. The same retail slumber from page to page with wages that aren’t worth me putting my daughter in preschool. The jobs that will take away time and energy from more enjoyable and meaningful opportunities.

What I gravitate toward doing in the meantime is a freelance photography business. A business portfolio online geared towards selling stock photos, maybe also a collection or story. It’s a curiosity. A possible work from home income. A basket that I’ve been toying with for many years. A passion right from the depths of my belly.

In all my research I know all about registering the business, some costs, business plans, companies to sell to. There is much more. There are admission packages, organizing my photos, finding a quality studio to print with, accounting, marketing, networking, the waiting….

Do I put money into this? Am I even any good? Can I acquire the right resources quickly so I have the creative time to build the business before going to school? Am I getting ahead of myself? In over my head? {I could possibly link it with my interior design in the future}
I am all knotted up inside But I sense that it could be the right time. I think the ‘time is the best counsellor’ idea that I wrote about will not apply well here.

Well, now that you have seen inside my head..
Any thoughts? Advice?

That’s a load off the chest! Thanks for listening/reading.

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo; ‘jobs of the week’

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