Perched escape

perched escape

A window to wherever you want it to go. This is part of a castle ruin in Girona, Spain.
Perhaps this bird was guarding a portal to another world.
I feel that these types of ruins are mysteriously beautiful. You truly do step into other worlds around every stairway, iron gate and chamber. I love learning about how people built their homes and lived.
Castles have been among my favorite places to visit. They house stories of historic rulers, civilizations lost and unknown treasures buried in the depths of passageways.
I feel like the child I once was when I explore. A child that got lost in labyrinths on purpose. A child that escaped to the Mary Poppins world or into The Lion and the Witches Wardrobe. Alternately, even my Nans attic or dresser drawers hid treasures I needed to learn about.
I was born in England and although I immigrated, my soul is very much drawn to European landscapes and lifestyle; past and present.
We should create our own collection.

Who would be interested in posting great castles visited, here, as a collection and tribute?

Tell me what you think

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