Five Minute Friday: Jump

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Every morning I hear “hello” and doors opening and closing from my daughters room. I find her jumping on her mattress with her friends, giraffe, ribbit and baby after she had already turned on the light, rearranged her pyjamas and most likely had a lengthy discussion about how everyone should have a nap, tea, sing and wait for mommy, along with some language I don’t quite understand. I laugh more than I ever have. Sofia started talking when she was 14 months and hasn’t stopped. I love it.
Development is an interesting thing.

When I was 13 or so my younger brother and I were at a shopping plaza with my parents, waiting outside the store Moores for them. We were running around and jumping off this concrete wall that housed plants. The last time I tried to jump up I misjudged the height and banged my knee into the edge and my head on the way down which gave me a couple of nasty gashes that we soaked up with scrap material that Moores supplied. Once at the clinic I got many stitches. Since needles are still to this day a source of fear for me; I kicked the nurse when she was stitching me up.

The moral of these stories… could be many things. But I think the two different scenarios prompt me to tell myself that the outcomes are memories that shape our family. Jump in!
And what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger; unless you’re a nurse.

Those are my Five Minutes on the prompt “Jump”.
Every Friday The Gypsy Mama posts a word prompt. For five minutes you set the clock and write, unscripted without worry of grammar mistakes or if anyone will even read it. Just because we love to write.

Take a look at the link and try it out. It’s freeing and quite eye opening what comes out of a single word.

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Jump

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  2. I find it’s more and more important as I get older to Jump In and just live. Experience people to their fullest. Let go of reservations. Listen to your intuition but try new things and go with it. My daughter has made me find a part of myself that helps all these points along.

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