Curiousity Monkey


Flowers and rocks; on a forest wandering day.

Oh the wonderment of a child.

Viewing Nook


This was a great little surprise during an uphill climb on the way to Castle of Sao Jorge in Lisbon, Portugal.
After taking a street car we got off to take in the view, and grab a drink, from this open air restaurant carved from the rock.

I can not take credit for taking this photo; I only staged it and sat for the incredible view of Lisbon and the Tagus River. Thank you for this photo Saskia, my friend, and for a trip I will never forget.

This could very well be my self portrait. Always needing a bit of control and loving photography; I staged how I wanted the photo to look. My shoulders soaking in the sun, hair up, reflecting over a gorgeous view of a journey; as a self-taught, open-minded, gentle, curious woman climbing to find the next treasure of life. All captured by a friend because, although I have introvert tendencies, I need to be surrounded by great people.
(I just pulled that out of my ass but it sounds pretty accurately great!)