Monday Motivator; Slow down and Look with Artistic eyes

Lisbon subway map

Lisbon subway map

This memory is my Monday motivation. It was taken over 10 years ago on a 14 day trip through Portugal that I took with a friend I met in Austria on a previous adventure.

We started in Faro, the south of Portugal, and leisurely travelled to the north as we stopped at locations, some planned some not, along the way. We only went as far north as Lisbon because 14 days was pressed for time as it was; especially for an architect(my friend) and a curiously passionate history enthusiast(myself).

This photo was taken in a subway station in Lisbon.
Graffiti at its finest.
I want to propose that every city have one or two locations where artists of all skill can freely compose art in an outdoor public place. Of course every project or proposal has guidelines; no profanity, racist connotations, gang tags or ad campaigns, for example. There would also have to be talks of plans on how, and if, to cover costs of materials used. Would it be a free formed slab in a park, on a city building or owners of businesses putting in bids for their location, for example?!

I believe it would be a beautiful addition to every place. In Europe I have seen many areas that have a public place for artists to create. Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris; although I don’t think they were created by just anyone.

Imagine being able to go back to where you painted your first ‘painting’ before realizing how gifted you really are. Or a family vacation revisited of that place your children put their mark, on their terms, during a quiet reflective moment. Inspiration where you least expect it.

This type of project could bring people together who usually wouldn’t meet. It could be a tourist attraction in a place otherwise overlooked. Who knows, maybe this type of mural could become a historical masterpiece after a future Picasso, inventor or President makes their own leisurely marks.

I personally would make it a point to walk by a place like this daily just to people watch and get my fix of a breath of fresh art.
This memory in Portugal has travelled with me through the years. It set a tone for that particular day of slowing down and looking with more artistic eyes.

Would you contribute to an open air piece like this? What would you add? What do you do to slow down?
Is this the next best idea for community awareness, tourism or United Nations?!

Possibly. Regardless of how you look at it, displays like this are a way for people to think differently and look with someone elses eyes as well as show that humans have a common link to each other through art, of all forms.

{If you want to see and here more about Portugal; Visit again to keep an eye out for a post I will write about this 14 day trek}

Have a Mint Moment Monday!

Signature Move

hidden shadows

shadowThe Signature Move usually pertains to a pose, dance move, expression or even a physical attempt to get that person you want to date.

My signature move is an idea I got from my dad. He has taken pictures in the past of his shadow. This shadow would be seen walking, in the grass, having a drink, at the beach while on vacation. It’s brilliant and a true reflection, no pun intended, of my dads’ funny carefree character.

My daughter notices her shadow more and more now. It is so beautiful to watch her reaction. I see her moving her body parts discovering how it all works, like she’s playing with this creature.

I like the concept of putting my mark on the world. As I meet people, I’d like to think that I’ve contributed some insight or given them a smile; anything positive that I would feel thoughtful or happy about receiving. I am working on slowing down in my everyday. It seems that I am more open to giving and receiving these types of gestures when I let myself really listen and see what is around me.

By photographing my shadow I can say I have stepped in that land, I was here. I feel more connected to my travels 15 years down the road.
I should consider giving my shadow an alias. The full image of ourselves, another layer of our true selves. Oh how my shadow has changed.

Life has been in reflection mode recently. Looking through photos. Planning projects for myself with intentions of posting them here. Any photos you see on my blog that have my signature watermark are my own photos. I haven’t altered any images, as of yet. On the topic of signatures, I conquered learning how to add signatures or watermarks to my photos using Photoshop. Thank you YouTube.

I hope you enjoy my collections as much as I enjoyed making them.