“Time is the best counsellor”

I heard or read this sentence somewhere some time ago. I wish I could credit the person who created it.

So, Time…as a counsellor.
At this time in my life this hits home as pretty top notch advice; an ‘Ah ha’ moment. Simple right!

I regularly feel that I’m running out of time. That I’m misusing my time because the outcome isn’t in my preconceived plans of when and how a goal should be reached. The balance of my time is lacking. I often think that I don’t have the time to go above and beyond what I’m used to.

Time is a constant in all life; ticking loudly or silently in the background. I worry about too much time and not enough. It’s a pretty powerful thing, actually.
Now to the notion of time moonlighting as a counsellor….

Well, I am optimistic that adopting this theory will be quite fulfilling.
My daughter is 3 soon and is her own little person, moods and preferences in. The time that I take slowing down to do whatever she wants is measurable to a lot of gold.
I come out of the moments feeling enlightened… Complete… Refreshed…smarter…A better mother…and more capable to handle the tough times. Plus, my Sofia makes a damn good honeybear tea.

Time has probably been the best counsellor in many situations and I haven’t even noticed.

Letting friendships take their course in healing and meet up with someone years later; healing time.
Make a hard decision and ride it out even when you fully doubt the decision; ride time.
I’m even going to try to ‘repurpose’ my time by letting go of control; passive time.

I’m not prepared to throw all caution to the wind/time, but this could be an interesting experiment and learning experience.
I am whole-heartedly in with time on my side instead of against me.
Now I need to remember to trust that time will do its thing; plus re-train my brains habits.

Monday Motivator; Unconditionally Family


Portrait of you, Mum

(An image of you; part of a new photography compilation project of mine, “Portraits”)

I had plans of posting something for my Mum yesterday. I thought about it and decided that some of what I had to say could transpire into a Monday Motivator of family appreciation. A simple gesture to a family member you don’t keep in regular contact with. The value of your family name has a deeper meaning than which signature you sign. It’s a history, a story and a group of people with common traits living to make good of a bloodline.

The saying says that the Mom is the glue that keeps family together. This really is true of my Mum. She keeps everyone informed, stays in touch, plans events and consults her book for every birthday.
If you need it, she will provide. You would give your last dollar or last anything to someone if they truly needed it.
You’ve always worked hard, Mum. I remember you working, exercising, cooking from scratch, cleaning and hardly sitting down. You always try your best.
I haven’t always had you close. When divorce hits a family, everything uproots. I remember not seeing you or my brother for years. I know you feel guilty, but don’t. Life happens. It’s water under a small bridge. I don’t feel that marriages should always stay together for the sake of the children.

Family can be tricky yet some of the best medicine. Many years could pass but, with most families, the ties that bind are endless in forgiveness and unconditional love. Personally, I feel true connection and a type of duty to family; even whom I have never met. My genealogy fascinates me and defines parts of ourselves that can’t be explained otherwise.
I urge people who are the slightest bit curious about their history to do a little research. The internet makes it more manageable and accessible.

Mum, your laugh is loud and full of rawness. Your eyes not only show how deeply and frequently you laugh, but they sparkle. You tell it like it is. Your british based humor is both off the wall and charming all in the same breath. You brush your hair back off your face with your fingers to keep the shape of your style. I love how excited you get when you find a great magazine, knitting pattern or gift. You wear your heart on your sleeve a lot of the time and it makes you more beautiful. You’re known to be the worry-wort. When you tell a story, boy is it ever a story; with nothing left out.
“Dawn, David, Fred, George”; you’ll get the name right eventually.

I see more and more of myself in you as we have become great friends in our mother daughter relationship over the past years; this is a wonderful realization. It has been told to me many a time that you look much younger than you are; hopefully I also inherit that from you.

So, my Mum, I want you to know how deeply I adore and appreciate everything that you are. I wish I could heal any pain or difficulty you ever have had. You have given me all that you can and I am grateful.
It is the hardest thing to swallow; watching your parents get older. It’s hard to see them struggle, get tired. Nevertheless, I will not look away. My parents are a part of me and deserve everything I can give.
I am proud to call them family.
Mum, I love you. All my love, Dawn.

Think about what your family means to you this week. Write a letter of love; or maybe it is time for you to put water under the bridge in a certain relationship. Sure, everyone has annoyances or stories rather forgotten. Be the bigger person for the sake of next generations and living surrounded by blood relatives.
Show the value of the simple traditions within your family. Share.

I hope your family grows or reconnects today. Will it start with you?

Loving These; Ode to Food

fruitI am one very satisfied carnivore after a good meal or snack. Food can make or break your day, at times.

1} What’s cooking- Kraft recipe book: kraftcanada.com
Online you can search by product, ingredients you have to make recipes, type of meal and in many other features. Wonderful, quick meals and snacks with items I usually have in my pantry(soups, stuffing).

2} Crispy minis: Yet another trick. With brown rice and corn as the two first ingredients, these are a great snack. Mommy also has trouble finding caramel corn, so yeah for Crispy Minis Caramel Kettle Corn.

3} Aloe Vera drink (Paldo): Anything my daughter loves, I love. This drink is yum! It has actual pieces of Aloe Vera. Although it has quite a bit of sugar, I mix 2/3 water with it. Great way to get them drinking water.

4} Chili is our family’s staple winter meal: Sofia eats it with little toast shapes. I should invest in more cookie cutters. She might wonder why, in spring and summer, I am still giving her Xmas stockings and gingerbread men; although I think she would agree that gingerbread is fantastic and special enough to have year round.

Note: I usually only measure when I bake, so I will give approximates for some ingredients. Adjust to your familys’ taste. I also use whatever ingredients I have on hand.

2 lbs of ground beef or ground turkey
1/2 cup onion (green or Spanish)
• cook together in a big pot
• stir in seasonings
Turmeric, chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, garlic powder
• stir until meat is covered (it’s best to mix seasoning in before liquid so the taste is throughout)
Add: vegetables (carrots, red pepper, zucchini) approximately 3 cups total
• cook and stir for a few minutes
• boil 8 or so yellow potatoes and 1 sweet potatoe(don’t tell my husband), diced cubes, in another pot.
• To your veg. and meat mixture add:
1 large can pasta sauce
1 can diced tomatoes, with liquid
1 box of chicken or beef broth
1 can black beans or any bean(lentils)
1 cup of frozen corn
Potatoes diced
• Simmer for 1 hour
• Season with salt and pepper and add any extra spice

LEFTOVERS- mix in with scrambled egg for brunch, top fries or rice, in a wrap with sour cream and cheese, blend it into a thick paste then add sour cream and a little mayo as a dip.

Now I’m hungry.