Comfort food is a draw. Where do we learn this? Of course comfort food is a reminder or memory as well. A favourite part of young family life, tradition carried on.
A child draws comfort from being held.
A feeling. A touch. A smell. A voice.
A baby nozzled into their mommys’ chest; listening, the hum and beat of a heart which grew bigger when they met. A warmed pillow of safe, true love.
As an adult I haven’t grown out of wanting and needing comfort at times. Why would you want to!? A comfort in knowing you are not alone. A ground. Your personal womb-like blanket.

I feel that comfort is a powerful need in everyone’s life. The familiar, soothing comfort of a loved one, an object, a person, an embrace, food; comfort. Everyone needs it at some point. A feeling that takes over, quiets your mind and body.
That feeling that evolves from deep inside. It’s like a warm light. When the warmth fills you, then you are comforted.

I’d like to know what it really felt like as an infant to be comforted by a voice, embrace, smell and heartbeat. Euphoric, most likely.

Those are my Five Minutes on the prompt “Comfort”.
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