Camp Sofia

last years' Giant Cupcake Cake

last years’ Giant Cupcake Cake

Here I am… I’m over here; as my daughter would say in her cute little voice as she pays attention to pronouncing each word with purpose.
With Easter, a short week and my daughters birthday plans in full swing; I have been missing in action from my blog.

I started my week by making a 20 page, 8×8 photobook courtesy of a special I got from Shutterfly. That’s one Father’s Day, Grandad, gift done.
Next was a final run through of plans I decided on for the TURNING 2 birthday party for Sofia. The party is two weeks away. So, six or seven toddlers will be attending a Camp Themed party where they will decorate a tent(a ‘wardrobe’ box from Uhaul), do shadow puppets(cut out animals on sticks and puppets), have a drum circle(on a big blanket with a tin in the middle filled with glowsticks for fire) and eat cupcakes with a campfire on them made out of pretzel sticks and dried mango slices. If the weather is nice, we’ll send all those little legs across the street to the park while a craft clean up and food set up take place. I’m keeping the food simple; sandwiches, fruit salad, s’mores, pasta salad and crackers. Of course I have made shopping lists, activity breakdowns and ‘to do’ lists so I don’t miss anything…. In theory.
I used my ‘Instastory’ app to make the invites on photo paper. Very cool! With stickers, watermarks and text boxes it worked out perfectly, and didn’t take as long as I thought it would. All for free. Those were sent out yesterday.

We are going to do a party for her little friends with the fun and activity at home. The next day will be a more low key get together for family, big kids and adults at my Dads place. This one will be for a Giant Cupcake Cake with the blowing out of candles; which she will be able to do this year, yeah! Boy is it ever going to be a busy weekend.

All I need to do now is shop, cook, decide what I’m getting as a gift and for the favors and charge my camera. So, the busy bulk of the work. I think her and her friends will enjoy it. My mom is going to help with craft time, tent, and I’m going to talk my husband into leading the drum circle; wish me luck!

I have a number of ideas for favors but it’d be ideal to buy one packaged item for each of the kids.

Anyone have any favor ideas?