A natural glow

glowing flower

Today has naturally become all about the sunshine and beauty that it displays. I am thankful for the sunshine outside today. Somehow the sun represents hope, purity and nutrient full life, for me.

I usually feel my most healthy, eager, artistic and social on those brighter days. Natural light does that to most of us, I believe. It’s best to apply makeup in a natural lighting. Photographs take on a life of a different character under natural light. You’ll find that people flock to patios, parks and outdoor venues when the sunshine flows through our communities. The other day I saw a man walking his dog in shorts and a t-shirt, in -4 degree weather, with the sun blinding his path.

Open air and sunshine are the best medicine; for whatever you need them for.


Flowered Fruit

flower fruit

This was a gigantic banana tree just outside of our room in Panama. If only they grew like that in Canada! I’d be happy with that beautiful flower alone.

Catching the Wind

catching wind

While parasailing in Panama with my step daughter. It’s a bit surreal; hanging so high and above deep water mass attached in a quite comfortable harness by a balloon. We were much higher than it felt like while we were up there. I thought it would be a bit terrifying, but it was the complete opposite. It is a gradual pull into the air, very smooth.

We had the perfect vantage point of the area and saw some ‘giant’ stingrays. Next time I will bring a better quality camera since I know what to expect now.
This is the second most peaceful thing I have experienced. The first being snorkelling.

Happy First Day of Spring


Spring has arrived, although difficult to see. I have found life sprout up; and in all reality there has been much activity in preparation for change under our feet and in the air this whole time.

Beginnings, a renewed chance at …growth within a fresh cycle of being; rejuvenation.

This beautiful season is very much a reflection on human instinct; innate or otherwise. Every year billions of individuals decide, consciously or subconsciously, to better themselves; a renewed chance at growth within a fresh cycle of being. Our instincts mixed with outside influences; whether it be media, weather, culture or people in our circle, tell us how and when to adjust aspects of health and lifestyle. Each Spring it’s like our lungs breath air into our minds. We adjust in the way we walk, eat, exercise, interact with nature and other human beings.
Just as birds will migrate with the flock, sense danger, build nests away from danger or flee an area previously viewed as ‘home’ because a foreign scent has marked it otherwise.
Just as insects seem to come out from deep in the earth to build, rebuild, establish and harvest.

Sure, it’s not ALL due to Spring. Life isn’t black or white. Nevertheless, I do believe that there is a life cycle that begins with events which take place during March/Spring Equinox.

So, now what?
Well we will be finding it easier and safer to get around in our communities.
Time to sign my daughter up for soccer.
We will enjoy the fairs, kite flying festivals and local farms and markets.
We will watch closely, as we get down in the dirt, for bugs and other creatures busy at work.
But most of all, we will enjoy each other in making every moment special in it’s own way. Savour and embrace the simple things. Slow down enough to really feel and see.
Once that hand-woven hammock of ours goes up; I’m looking forward to the feeling of a warm, sun filled afternoon nap with my daughter and husband.

What does Spring mean for you?
What are you most looking forward to?

Holding on to Winter

holding on to winter
This icicle is suspended by the air of winter and is as strong as ever. Let go little icicle. You were a bit challenging to show in a photo but ended up sparkling.
The word ‘Icicle’ translates ‘Carambano’ in Spanish. This sounds more like a Caribean Festival than the delicate yet frigid presence of a winters icicle.

I am glad to have met you and even spent time, but I wish to not see you standing here tomorrow.