Bird Watching is at its peak in my backyard this week. This bird in flight would go ‘harvest’ worms, bring them back to the fence then feed them to this patiently waiting loved one. Nature truly is magnificent.

Monday Motivator; Naturally


This morning I woke up to an owl. He ‘hoo-ed’ for about 10 minutes; once I awoke. Each time voicing very smoothly calculated breaks in his call. He must have known I wanted to get up earlier than everyone today.

How do you find an owl? I looked around trying to locate him out my window. It sounded like he was within viewing distance. For all I know he could have been a tiny little guy. Maybe even perched above me on the roof. That very imagery makes me chuckle..Me; scanning the neighborhood vigorously out my bedroom window. Mr. Owl; sitting pretty, six inches above my head at the roofline of my very own house.
He’d probably wink at me if I found him.

Being woken up in this manner is a much more natural progression between cycles. I feel a calm clarity today. Nothing like a standard alarm with rings, bells and an on/off switch.
This sound was persistent yet had a flexible tone.

This carries me to the state of mind I am in during camping trips. There’s nothing like waking up in the forest. The smells and sounds. You wake up with purpose to be busy; cooking primitively, gathering, activity seeking. Although there is a flurry of purpose, there are no time limitations or expectations. There are no frantic searches for on/off switches.
You just progress through the day. You progress in whichever direction is natural in that moment. If natural in that moment means following a scent, you follow it. If natural in that moment means looking for a trail, water tap, beach or creature, you look.

Today my natural path consisted of ‘living through’ moments. Mindfully, from beginning to end. These moments are specific but flexible. The path has bypassed dishes, phone calls and driving.
Sure, most people don’t wake up this way and that owl has never visited me in the morning in the six years of living in this house, or any other dwelling. That should be a sound choice within the alarm apps. Owl; Owl Who!?

Nevertheless, waking up earlier, even by a half hour, in a naturally calming transition is healthy for the mind and body. I completed some tasks I regularly wouldn’t, while reflecting. Also, I feel different today in my purpose.

Naturally Motivated!


Living Wall/ Green Wall

A living wall inside my home is a great use of space and a beautiful health-wise addition. I will now be finding a way to make one work for our family in hopes to grow herbs and food indoors. Happy Earth Day!





A living wall is either a hedge that is entirely composed of plants, such as trimmed shrubs, or a wall that is partially or completely covered by plants. The latter is commonly referred to as a “green wall”, particularly with the development of recent technological innovations that allow for walls to be entirely covered by irrigated living plants.

Living walls help to reduce local wind speeds, traffic noise, and localized temperature extremes (urban heat islands) by shading and converting liquid water to water vapour (evapotranspiration) which cools the air. They help to improve air quality by reducing dust and particulates and help to reduce the amount of heat lost from a home. Another significant benefit is the increase in biodiversity, along with aid for food and shelter for wildlife.

Living walls may have a positive impact on both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Green views and access to…

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