Five Minute Friday: Imagine

balcony gaze

Beyond the Horizon…
Over that rainbow….
The ‘what if’ of the world. That part of everyone’s mind that operates how a child thinks or plays.
Starting the day imagining…
That smell, oh my. Ah. It’s my bed.. The mattress is a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread. My bedposts are chocolate banana bread. I love that as soon as I sit up the windows of my cottage in the trees open up to singing birds, spring fresh breeze, ocean waves, a light rain shower followed by sunshine.
Ha. I imagine no war, no poverty, no abuse or racism. The world is healthy and strong.
“Imagine all the lonely people” £; Great song!!
I wonder who imagines more often. Is there some type of census or study? Does culture have much to do with it? More so left brain or right brain thinkers? And what amounts to change or a positive impact on a fraction of the world?

Imagine; no barriers of the mind, built within a mind.. Does that even make sense?

Free like a child. Innocence to imagine anything is possible, and right in front of you.
Let’s preserve the ability and joy of imagining, anything.

Those are my Five Minutes on the prompt “Imagine”.
Every Friday The Gypsy Mama posts a word prompt. For five minutes you set the clock and write, unscripted without worry of grammar mistakes or if anyone will even read it. Just because we love to write.

Take a look at the link and try it out. It’s freeing and quite eye opening what comes out of a single word.

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Imagine

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  4. Fortress…a fortress, to me, is a beautiful ruin full of history, life, triumph and wonder. The barriers of the mind are what we make of them. Thank you so much for sharing and commenting.

  5. Thank you for commenting and the nice complement! I often gaze at my daughter and wonder how she sees the world. Children are such beautiful treasures.

  6. “no barriers of the mind, built within a mind.. Does that even make sense?” That makes PERFECT sense to me! I think I have so many barriers built up in my own mind that it is practically a fortress. There are walls called doubt, fear, depression, hopelessness… you get the idea. I can’t hardly imagine being free of all that!

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