Monday Motivator; Friendship

The power of friends.

To heal, to nourish, to empower, to foster dreams, to become family…
Friends can be a support system like no other. In Greys Anatomy friends are referred to as “my person”.
Well designated.

The lifespan of a friendship is a story of true partnership. A partner in crime. A partner of highs, lows and unspoken understanding. Partners of secret truths.
The kinship of a friend follows you. You could go around the world and back, but once you catch up with a friend you feel freed and content; home.
Anyone can be a friend, but to be a good friend needs a special type of attention, admiration and trust. I believe that teaching a child some key elements of being a good friend will transpire into other aspects of their character and life.
I remember, in elementary school, sending notes back and forth between my girl friends. It was an open dialect to everything; a support system. I recently saw on Pinterest a version of this ‘note passing’ idea; a notebook kept between a mother and daughter, taking turns writing notes to each other. This is beautiful in so many ways. I especially love the bonding and open communication channel aspects. Little boys could do comics if they are not into writing. How wonderful would it be to start one between a grandparent and a child!?

I used to be a better friend. I have been guilty of letting too much time pass before contacting a friend. I have spread myself too thin amongst the people who deserve more; that mean more to me. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
Moving forward I am going to work at not being complacent or neglectful.
Have you been guilty of neglecting a friendship? Getting absorbed in routine; being complacent, inattentive over time?

My friends are my rock when there’s nowhere inside of me to pull strength. A history of the person you’ve become.┬áMy husband is my greatest friend; being that laugh, voice of reason or kiss just when needed the most. My Mum has become a friend I don’t know how I’d live without. I’ve recently made a new friend that has been a breath of fresh air within the everyday mommy battle. When I was a child there was an elderly lady who lived in the same building complex. She taught me about pottery and helped me make my own, talked about how she grew up, cooked with me. If your children have similar relationships, try to keep some kind of contact with them; it is a unique relationship.
Friends help shape us. They can be the connection to experiencing living in ways you usually wouldn’t.
This type of support pushed me; pushed me to get back to a piece of myself that had been lost.

Maybe you are long overdue for some catch-up time. Don’t overlook the power of a phone call instead of today’s ways of communicating by texting, tweeting, Facebook accounts and email. Even sending a hand written letter shows that you have spent time on that person, besides being a much more personal memento of yourself. I love these retreats or cruise vacations that you see advertised for which attract groups of friends for long weekend bonding.

Let’s all celebrate our unique relationships with our friends. Today take the time to value a friend. Tell them exactly what they have made better in your life. Show them how wonderful they truly are.

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