Paws Up

paws up

This is our first child, Ibiza, waiting for a belly rub. She believes she is our child, by how human she acts anyways. She is a 3 year old, fawn Boxer.

Boxers are known, and classified, by three distinct coat markings. There are white, fawn and brindle boxers. Recently, she has developed dark patches of spots in her coat along her back and hind legs that are characteristics of a brindle boxer.
photo (7)
After searching for the cause we learned that she is a special variation of the breed. We got her from a breeder, but had not met the parents. The papers show that she is a certified pure bred. Our research has told us that the mother was probably a fawn and the father was a brindle coated Boxer. Therefore, it’s just the mix of the genes, which makes our Boxer one of what is called a ‘Pencil Brindle’.
Although this is not unusual, it does make her more susceptible to health problems than brindle or fawn breeds.

So, it turns out that our puppy is more beautiful and unique than we originally thought.


8 weeks old


1 year old

photo (8)

2 years old

photo (9)

3 years old

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