Loving These; Photography Highlight

Tracker Sling Bag

Tracker Sling Bag

Instastory APP

Instastory APP

Photography is dear to my heart. It is only fitting to share my love of some photography inspired tools.

1} Photographerswithoutborders.ca
A not-for-profit organization. They connect photographers with charitable organizations around the world, promote works, share images globally, hold workshops and educate using photos as a voice in making a difference to many causes locally and globally. LOVE IT for all these reasons.

2} “Instastory” APP: Turn a photo into a story by choosing a template or build your own. You can build your story with stickers, text, layering and cropping photos into shapes. Once you’ve finished, your story can be saved in a number of ways including to email and in your camera roll. A story page is quickly made. A great app that I will use towards making invites, scrapbooking pages and photo gifts.

3} “Tracker” Sling style camera bag: I love the sling style because it doesn’t necessarily look like a camera bag, which can be great while travelling. It has many compartments for filters, cords, memory cards, lens, a drink and your keys and wallet. Along with being lined for protection against heat and cold, it also comes with a waterproof cover that is concealed in it’s own pocket. This is all I need.

4} The disposable camera that I found at Dollarama for $2! This is one thing my daughter will get for her birthday. I can’t wait to see her face when we develop her photos; who am I kidding, she’ll probably not realize that is what she took by playing with her camera that had all those buttons and cool sounds.

5} The Magnetic Sticker sheets @ Dollarama: I cut out pictures of family, shapes and animals. They keep her busy and out of the way when I’m preparing food. She always wants to be in there with me but can’t always help. Plus, no matter how often she sees family members, she can name every one. That is really special for them when we get together.

6} Our HP PhotoSmart C310 Printer and Continuous Ink System: Pictures turn out great; the touchscreen has many custom editing features, scans, wifi, direct links to colouring pages, greeting cards and games. The ink system we bought separately online and is a fraction of the price of single cartridges. Make sure you search for your exact model of printer and that the ink color reservoirs are in the same order as in your printer.

Although, I am no professional nor do I alter my photos, other than a bit of cropping, I am very practical and appreciate anything useful and time saving.
So that is my little piece of useful, time saving photography inspired two cents.

Take care and Happy April!

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