10 Ways to Make the Most of 10 Minutes

I am the one Miranda describes; I now automatically pick up my phone and search blogs for a great read. Now, as this is better than Facebook and I learn from what I find, I should switch it up and get away from that screen.

My favourite way to use an unexpected ten minutes is to be outside. In the summer I pick tomatoes from my garden. Other times I’ll brush the dogs’ hair or throw a ball around.

From the suggestions in this post I love the “treat read”, using index cards to jot post ideas, sharing the love in a short card then mail it out and a quick yoga stretch.

Thank you to Studio Mother’s and the inspiring, motivating blog site they have.

Studio Mothers: Life & Art

10 Ways to Make the Most of 10 MinutesIt’s a rare but beautiful thing:An unexpected gap opens in your otherwise overbooked day. You realize — with disbelief — that you’re actually “free” for a short window. No one’s hair is on fire and there isn’t anything urgent to take care of right now. Maybe the baby who never sleeps finally closes her eyes or your spouse takes the kids out on an errand or you’re between conference calls. Whatever it is, you realize that the next little bit of time is not yet spoken for. The window is too short to dig into a project, but you do have time for something. What do you do?

For many of us, one thing rises reflexively to the top of the list of possibilities: Facebook. (Or whatever social media you happen to prefer.) We fritter away our 10, 20, or 30 minutes scrolling through the minutia and photographic…

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make the Most of 10 Minutes

  1. You are very welcome. This blog is fitting, for the first day of Spring. I am going to go outside right now, with my daughter and my dog 🙂

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