If these shoes could talk…

growing shoes
These are my younger brothers shoes, then as a size 15 teenager, which seem to have been around the world and back. What a story they could tell, and look like they are about to! In my Mums garden they will now root and enjoy the sun; maybe walk away to another part of the garden for retirement…

I was browsing through my reader yesterday and came accross a post from “The World’s Top 10 of Anything and Everything” that happened to spark a memory of this photo I had that related to this post subject; 10 best images of plants in shoes. I think my favourite is the baby boots, which I have now decided to use this idea for making my daughters first runners into a grandparents gift. Can’t wait to see Nannys’ face!
He, Russell Deasley, opened up by describing having to go shoe shopping as a boy. His posts are always great fun, well written, greatly researched, informative and interesting in a wierd kind of way, well not always wierd. “Anything and Everything” means just that. I have enjoyed posts about the best pallet tables, images of cats doing just about everything, best uses for old records, best places for a fish tank and the best benches; of course he words it more eloquently than I have.

Go take a look at this: http://www.theverybesttop10.com

2 thoughts on “If these shoes could talk…

  1. These are great! For me putting plants in trainers is such a great idea,, because it saves them going to landfill and it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it with me.

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