Crazy for photo ops’

fluffy descent



Today is yet another historic winter storm for many parts of the United States and Canada. Heavy wet snow fluctuating between rain, freezing rain and snow.
My husband left for work at 5am. I decided to stay up to shovel for him to get rid of the first layer of what’s to come. As I was shovelling it was so quiet and peaceful. With the light, big flakes of snow and not one person in sight.

Of course when I finished off I was refreshed. I sat with a warm cup of coffee looking out my back window in the dark, my dog curled up at my feet. Then I did the logical thing to do when your child is still asleep and you have ‘me’ time in the early morning…
I put my boots, jacket and mitts back on. Placing the baby monitor in my pocket, I grabbed my camera and headed outside to explore my yard.

I used the macro setting for shots that weren’t macro to see if it would show more texture since everything was just snow. The results weren’t too bad. I like trying different angles.

As I said before, everyone needs a little crazy in them. This is a glimpse of mine.
What’s your crazy?

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