Spring Photo Project

ibizaI’ve been drawn to the art and processes of photography since I was 12 years old. I’d be the one to get those memories of climbing trees, exploring the forest and my closest friends smiles in a photo. As I grew older I took a few amateur courses on dark room techniques and the basics of seeing a good photo to capture. I remember making light boxes (cameras) out of cardboard and tin cans. It was all very therapeutic and interesting to me.

I have photographed all my travel adventures. I have made my own photography projects and challenges. Now with my daughter, I am photographing everything throughout every day. It feels like she has awoken that fire inside of me and has been the sweetest inspiration.

This blog also gets me searching fantastic sites of photography enthusiasts and professionals; which had me thinking. Those thoughts brought me to a box in my basement filled with magazines.
I had written in a couple of my posts that I would dig through this collection of photography magazines and just keep pages of articles that I would make into one encyclopedic-type book. After seeing what I had, there is no way that will happen. They are encyclopedias in themselves.
I have American Photo, Photolife and Petersen’s Photographic. Amongst these are collectors additions. Additions commemorating Henri Cartier-Bresson, Hollywood Portraits, Photojournalism specials and a “Photos of the Century” history makers issue. That once dusty box holds great sentimental value and is a piece of me. Now that I have revisited my school notes and books I have a new found curiosity for playing with settings, angles and accessories such as filters.
I have actually decided to do black and white portraits of family and friends.
Portraits are completely foreign to me. I usually gravitate towards landscape and nature. I do love to tell stories with a photo.

So, portraits… Mine will be black and white because I feel the interpretation and depth of a black and white photo can be broader. Also, I love the texture and detail you can get.
I will study the facial features at different angles, then make the subject feel as comfortable, physically and mentally, as possible.
I intend to capture the essence of who, how and when. It’s important for me that the portrait is natural. If natural is a laugh, frown, pose, surprised or active response; I welcome it. Letting people interact naturally and having potentially personal conversation are amongst the approaches I will try. Although they don’t know it yet, I’d like to start with a close friend of mine or my mom.

I know my gorgeous Nikon D5000 and I will have fun in each moment. Wouldn’t it be funny if I did a portrait of my camera!?

Wish me creative genius, and a little luck. I’ll keep you posted.
I’m searching for a good theme that I can use to display my photos as well as having the freedom to post written work.

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