Loving These; En el amor con estos

So, I sat down with a Chocolate Chai tea with milk and honey in it. Breath that in! mmm.
Now take a look through these.

Uno~ “Autumn storm” (Witchling Trilogy#2)book by Lizzy Ford.

So, in a nutshell, this is about a girl with a broken past who arrives at a boarding school for students learning and living with their magical powers. With dark and light souled witchlings, there are relationships formed, and forbidden. Powers being abused and dark secrets hidden. This book is very well written, interesting and has great depth not only in the characters but within the world she has created.
The first one in the Trilogy is called Dark Summer. A fantastic find on Wattpad, but you can also find them on Amazon, Barnes and noble and Kobo.

Dos~ iheartnaptime.net. A well rounded mommy blog. The creator and editor of this site is very creative with DIY projects, recipes, crafts, and life in general. Love it! Especially love the crafts.

Tres~ Banana and avocado- yes, really yummy! Plus, avocados are a good fat superfood, and hard to disguise.

Quatro~ Sweet Potatoe Wheat Thins are yummy, my daughter loves them with cream cheese and they actually contain sweet potatoes!

Cinco~ Best places in Europe for March travel. Dare to dream. http://traveltips.usatoday.com/places-travel-europe-march-61274.html.

Seis~ Wonderful collection of rhymes, fingerplay, activities and crafts for preschool children. http://www.preschoolrainbow.org/alphabet.htm

Siete~ This was my go-to resource for homemade baby food. These recipes can be fed to the whole family. The recipes are healthy, the variations are helpful, the nutrition information is informative and I still make the recipes in different forms. I find myself relying on these recipes again because I’m in a bit of a cooking rut.

Ocho~ A tear jerker. The wonderful moments of being a Mom. http://www.diapersdaisies.com/2012/01/rules-for-mothers-of-daughters.html?m=1

PS~ The Spanish number list is me integrating more Spanish into my vocabulary. My husband is Spanish and we want our daughter to be bilingual. I used to know much more than I know now, so I will re-teach myself.
I apologize in advance.

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