Spring Treasure; March Madness

I’ve been doing a bit of daydreaming lately of cleaning house so when I open my windows for that first warm Spring breeze, I can sit on the porch and soak it in.

One way to clean house is to get our closets stocked with those first outfits to avoid a frantic shop.
Many retailers and some churches start spring clothing sales the first or second week of March. I always stumble upon them unprepared. Not this year.
Also, there are a few local fairs in March if you feel the need to get out.

I’m going to spend some time now sorting through our clothes and shoes to see what we might need for the season coming. My daughter will need a full wardrobe this season.
While I’m in the zone, I want to bag anything from last spring/summer that won’t fit to sell or give away.
You could even start mapping out that deck you’re going to build by just doing your research on wood, sizing, code regulations.
I want to take advantage of deals, but I don’t want to go without a list of what I really do need. Even if you need to buy gifts for a birthday two months from now. It all adds up.
Speaking of gifts; I do re-gift from time to time. I might use a flower pot, bowl or purse to fill with lotions, nail polish, a scarf, little treats, a bag of flower bulbs or picnic items, stationary, some photos in little frames … And for men; a metal bucket could be an ice bucket with a collection of international beers, a craft divider bin could be filled with assorted screws, washers and bolts because they will come in handy. The possibilities are endless.
Regardless of what it is I might need now or in the near future; I keep a list in my wallet that has possible items with measurements, sizes or whichever information I need to decide on an item. Chances are if I see something on sale that I’ve been needing or actively looking for; if I have to wait to decide on it, I won’t make it back and especially not for the sale.

During December and January my husband and I dug through our basement to evaluate what stays and what gos. So, I have some baby items still left that didn’t sell on kijiji. If you have yet to discover kijiji, I recommend it for comparing prices, selling and buying. Anyways, I plan on loading them in the car when we have a break from ‘old man winter’ to take them to a shelter or used baby goods store.
You could also think about planning a garage sale if you have many items. Maybe a neighbour wants to go in on the plan.

I’m really itching for Spring. Can you tell?!

I am now looking forward to this week coming up. I am going to start the task of reading my photography magazine collection, which is probably about 40-50 of them. I’ve been wanting all the articles I love or want for reference and inspiration in one book.
Once I’ve resurfaced from that project, I’m making yet another list of the photo assignments I would like to accomplish this Spring/Summer.

It probably sounds like I’m some crazy lady with post-its and paper stacks everywhere. Well, I am not comparable to a crazy cat lady, but I think everyone has, and needs, a little ‘crazy’ in them. No really, my iPhone and different notebooks aid in organizing the written brain noise.
Go check out some shopping malls. I’ve even gone with no intention of spending money, but just to get out of a rut and get motivated for the next thing, whatever that may be.

It is said by many professionals that clutter and unfinished projects can add to stress. Your home does not feel like the restful gathering place. It feels like you’re always surrounded by work and the overwhelming feelings can subconsciously hold you back and spill into how you interact, or don’t interact, with your friends and family.

Happy Love Day. Love yourself and clean up the brain noise.

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