Potty games and bathtime

So, the sticker chart, panties and potty interest is going well. Somedays I will even get told that we are going downstairs to go potty. I also have to say that I highly recommend getting a potty seat over a free standing potty.
The potty gets visited regularly, though I could do much better at keeping the times consistent each day. I find it challenging to do the whole process and getting to the potty when she’s sick and in the middle of a wicked pretend pirate mission with all the animals and people she can find.
She doesn’t let me know before she pees that she needs the potty and when I talked about putting our poo poo in the potty, she laughed at me like I was crazy.
I bought 2 different sets of stickers. The ones that actually get stuck to the potty chart are all different colours of various faces. Then I had to have stickers that my daughter got to keep and play with. These ones are animals, fish and vehicles that I found at dollarama. They are a very durable, thick, puffy plastic and have a silver backing, which ended up in the bathtub.
Once they were in the bathtub there was a whole new game to play. We found out that when they get wet they stay on the bathtub wall but you can move them around, and when they dry after bathtime the glue dries and works as a regular sticker.
So, now we tell stories with the sticker friends. I’ve also had them race, count and deliver the mail.
We also play I spy with toilet rolls, thread pasta onto shoelaces for necklaces and clapping games.
I find potty time a good opportunity for me to slow down. I get to sit on the floor and…just wait. This, and plants growing, are probably the only instances in which I don’t mind waiting.
I was looking for a new bath toy; so this was a nice surprise. Try it out.
So I mentioned in my first pee pee potty post that we call the pull up diapers panties. I think my next step is to buy actual panties. That way she can learn why we need to go to the potty before we pee.
Does anyone have any success stories or pointers?

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