Loving These; “In Love” part 2

Right now I am in love with the fact that there’s a holiday for recognizing people in our lives and giving them love and appreciation; in the form of chocolates and flowers.
When I was a little girl we used to visit my Grandparents most weekends. Every Valentine’s Day my Grandad would give me a red rose. I felt like a grown up and it was very special to me.
I recommend doing this if you have a little girl.
Then I married a man that secretly sets up trips for my birthday and sends me bunches of flowers. I don’t expect any of it, but does it ever make a girl feel special.
So, apart from my loving the important people in my life, I’m also In Love with:

• Ferrero Rocher
• The mailbox we made for my daughters bedroom door. Put silly photos in it and write on back (like a postcard); treasure hunt maps; a quarter; flower; one item she’ll use later for a craft; a snack; a surprise ticket; a love letter.
• Kindermusik: an Early Childhood Education music and movement program for children ages infant to 7 years. The themes and at-home materials (books, music and instruments) they give you extend the learning and the in class development pointers have been highly beneficial. My daughter Loves this class every week. If you want to attend a free preview class near you, send me a comment and I will get a link sent to you.
• Sand: I have a collection of sand that my husband and I have from everywhere we’ve been on our travels. This is great for memories, home decor and baby or toddler sensory play. I also have pretend play when we use Fischer Price Little People.
• Hershey’s Kisses chocolates, hidden, with mini love notes tied to them for your partner or older child
• Redecorate your bedroom. It’s the one room your supposed to rejuvenate and have adult time in; so why does mine still have the boring builders beige paint. It’s the next room I will do

• Friday night salsa dancing; even if you watch most of the time. It is very sensual and entertaining
• Learn a game or something new together with your partner
• Make dinner or a late night snack together. Check out the Epicurious APP from my last post in this feature.
• Invite another couple over for drinks
• Turn off the tv and look through photo albums
• Kids: set up or make a tent (play yard, fort kit- examples on Pinterest- search Dawn or carpediemmama “In Love” board) and read or do a simple paper craft
• Kids: do something new or let them help you with something that the adults usually do
• APP: “Mind Jogger” is a reminder timer that will send you random reminders however many times you want in a day. It has many sounds and other features. It caught my eye because it made reference to reminders like: Complimenting your spouse, drinking water, stretching, posture and changing bad habits. Very useful and practical for all different situations.

Well, I think I’m done, for now.
Happy Valentines Day.

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