Sofia sandwich

On the weekend we had a “Sofia sandwich ” on the couch. Daddy and Mommy with Sofia snuggled in the middle. Sofia backs right up with her bum in the air, over and over, until she’s just right. Once she’s found the money spot she’ll look up at you. Her new-ish thing is to touch your chest and ask if you’re good or ok. It is so cute and funny. I could just eat her up.
All 3 of us had a cup of tea each and watched most of a movie with our feet tucked under the dogs warm belly. It was fantastic. A very cold Saturday afternoon.
We pulled out the honeybear. Honeybear, aka honey in a bear shaped squeeze bottle, makes everything great.
This is a moment that I would love to have captured on film; even though “film” negatives seem to be obsolete. Are they now? I miss being in that mysterious magical place, the darkroom. Anyhoo…
Unfortunately, it has proven quite difficult to translate those precious moments into a photo. These little people move too quickly from one thing to another. So, opportunity gone.
I still have the memory and the feeling very freshly embedded though.

My mind is high on that darkroom memory. I think I am now going to start the task on my road map, the Spring Treasure road map, described as organizing photography magazine articles into one book.
This might lead into listing photo taking projects for the summer.
Which will coincide with digging through my past photos and possibly a portfolio.
Then I believe that could lead into writing a post.

Wow, what a trip. See how fantastic Sofia sandwiches are!

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