Loving These; “In Love” part 1

It is so perfect that my first theme is in the lovely month of February, Happy Valentines!
I had a bit of trouble choosing a category, so I have decided to start with APPS because they have started me on this blogging path while also making my daily life a bit more enriched and user-friendly.
The apps that I have listed are compatible with my IPhone 4 and many apple products, but I know there are great comparable apps for other devices and/or possible versions.
In no particular order…
1} WATTPAD is a free collection and the world’s largest community for discovering and sharing stories. It is readable in 24 languages and seems to be a jump off point for writers wanting to get published; not because it is linked with publishers but I believe the feedback is invaluable.
There are some interesting finds and the APP even makes recommendations if you don’t know what to read next as well as the ability to comment and share your list.
I do prefer an actual paper bound book, but I can take this anywhere and read bits and pieces during naptime. Plus, did I mention that the full collection is FREE.
In keeping with our “In love” theme, read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy with your partner; or find beauty poems or romance novels to inspire and warm your heart.

2} EPICURIOUS is a Huge-normous recipe book. Search more than 30,000 professionally created recipes from renowned chefs and cookbooks. Save and share your favorite recipes, create and share shopping lists, and sync your Favorites list in the app with your Epicurious.com Recipe Box.
The recipe topics are vegetarian, simple pastas, kid-friendly mains, decadent desserts, main course, sides, low-carb mains, weeknight dinners, healthy snacks, Sexy Cocktails and Romantic Dinners; to name a few; literally.
Enough said.

3} PINTEREST mobile. It’s like a compact scrapbook. Organizing at it’s finest. Love the one-stop-shop pin board! Inspiration central.
Check out my “In Love” board under carpediemmama or Dawn.

4} WORDPRESS mobile. Being able to copy and paste what I’ve written in Notes on my phone straight into my blog is so fantastic. Great time saver! All Moms need these!

So you might have noticed that the title of this post is “part 1”. I’ve decided to break this month up into parts, for a few reasons. I didn’t want people waiting for this feature. Plus, as it is the first month, in February, I thought it’d be great to have a series of lovely things.

Next one will be dates and activities, adult and children. This one will have some focus on Valentine’s Day.
Until next time.

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