Pee pee potty

The big day has come. My little person is a big, little, girl! It’s so funny when I think back to write about it. I was beside myself with excitement, pride and happiness. She just looked at me and said, “pee pee potty”. In the same moment, she started looking around as if to say “where’s my sticker?”. Goodness do I ever love that little girl!
Ok; rewind…. I started, seriously, 5 days ago. Everyone has been testing out the potty seat on the big girl toilet. Ribbit the frog was on there, then baby. Baby must have told giraffe.
Some swear by the let your child run naked for days until they’re trained.With it being winter and having carpet throughout my house, I voted against that approach.
I searched the Internet for potty charts. I’ve read that the sticker chart praise works really well. I found a great chart that has 5 points through the day to try the potty, the obvious snacks and naptimes. Also, down the horizontal are sat on potty, went pee, poo, flushed toilet and washed hands. It’s been helpful in the process. I got some simple cute books from the library. Then made a little basket for her chart, books, a decorated toilet paper roll for I spy and a hand puppet.
Sofia, my daughter, loves the potty. It’s also been pretty fantastic in keeping her from running around while I’m trying to get her to brush her teeth.
Today I went out and got pull up diapers. I put the first one on her after a nap attempt. At first she was not happy. She was demanding her pants thinking that I wasn’t going to put them on because of how I put on this new diaper. Once her pants were on she was good to go. Now we call them “panties”.
She tells me when she’s gone pee. She even says “poo poo” when other people fart, he he. I am surprised by her all the time and I now fully understand why moms of adults still call their children their babies.

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