A New Year; A New Start

So, yes, I am a bit late. 26 days to be exact. I plan to resolve that. Funny right!?
In all reality, resolutions are journeys in themselves.
You vow to start fresh on a path destined for trials, bumps, surprises, failure, a grey period, ah ha moments, success and failure again.
Anytime you post a story or goal online, letting that many people in on it, I feel a responsibility to follow through and to deliver the journey and outcome. Somehow it makes sense that strangers will be less forgiving and supportive of half attempts. Maybe that could be a success tactic for future resolutions.
I am excited to see how this year shapes up. I’m not going to make a half promise to exercise more this year.
Here are 3 resolutions that I seem to let myself down on every year. I get caught up in routine and then too much time goes by in the process so I then have to pick up the pieces and re-establish. To the ones that are included in this cycle, I’m sorry and I love and appreciate you.
Well, I have rambled on; right, the resolutions:
1} Love well: be present, intentional, social, alive with involvement. I tend to unintentionally expect that people know that I have asked about them, are thinking of them and have intentions to be closer. I seem to have a recurring theme word here: intent.
Make monthly plans to visit one friend or family member to catch up in person, give a hug, see their smile.
2} Be a better wife, friend, mother, communicator, daughter, sister, organizer, housekeeper all at once. Balance.
3} Starting this blog is my 2013 resolution journey. I want to learn all about blogging and social media while becoming more proficient on my computer. I’d love to, and will, turn my blog into a website with ads and promote brands so I can build my writing and photography passions into a home business. Sure, I will start with hopes to have many followers, comments, friends even. There are no limitations, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself either. This is a project under construction. I’m testing the waters, so to speak.
This is something just for me. My Mom always says that everyone should have something that is just for them. One thing that is you, for you. Call it an escape or an extension of the true you away from the hustle bustle and demands of the everyday.
I really want, and need, to improve myself this year. After all, who knows how many more “new starts” to a year we’ll really have.

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